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Guided Tours

Reservations for Guided Tours

When making reservations, we would appreciate as much advance notice as possible before scheduling a guided tour. This will allow us the adequate time to prepare for your group and, therefore, provide the best possible tour experience. To book reservations email or call (512) 305-8524.

If you are planning to bring a group on your own to the Cemetery, please call 512.305.8524 so we can list your group on the Cemetery calendar and contact you regarding accessibility to the site should a funeral of other event be scheduled that day.

When making reservations please assist us by having the following information available:

Reservation Times

We prefer that guided tours schedule between 9:00 A.M. and 3:30 P.M. Monday through Friday. Tour groups that are going to be later than their reserved time may not get a tour. Call ahead if your group will be late or need to cancel. In peak tour months, tours start every hour on the hour. Late groups may forfeit their space for groups that show up at their reserved time. The Cemetery has a limited number of guides and punctuality is necessary.

Tour Content

Texas history is the focus of Cemetery tours. In particular, 4th and 7th grade Texas history curriculum is the guide for our school groups. Because some 3rd graders study Austin history, those students will have a basic understanding of our presentations. We encourage school groups of any age to schedule guided tours of the Cemetery. If you have questions regarding tour content, please contact the Director of Visitor Services at or (512) 463-0605.

Group Size for Guided Tours

For a guided tour, we request that groups be no smaller than 10 visitors per guide and no larger than 40 visitors per guide. Tours are approximately 45 minutes to one hour long. For groups smaller than 10 or for those visiting on the weekends, an audio tour is available through the Visitors Center or for download from the website.


Buses cannot enter Cemetery grounds due to limited space. Parking is available for all visitors on Navasota Street at the Visitors Center. It is located at Navasota Street between 7th and 11th Streets. Handicap accessible parking is available at the same location. Please check in at the office when you arrive. Restroom facilities are limited. We suggest that visitors wear comfortable shoes due to the terrain of the grounds.

Cemetery Rules for Visitors

Rubbings are prohibited due to the newly restored headstones and monuments. Food and drinks are prohibited on the Cemetery grounds at any time. Pets are not allowed on the Cemetery grounds at any time; however, seeing-eye dogs may accompany their owners.


Funerals take precedence over tours. Tours may be canceled in the event of a funeral. We hope visitors will understand the priority of a funeral in this situation.