Joseph Beasley Hutchison

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Joseph Beasley
September 15, 1893
Williamson County
Liberty Hill, Texas
October 27, 1983
Tyler, Texas

Admiral / CNO 3rd Texas Navy

Ruth Glenn
February 17, 1896
Crittenden County
Crayne, Kentucky
January 12, 1978
Tyler, Texas

My Wife, Loving, Loveable
Loyal, Helpful
Honorary Admiral 3rd Texas Navy

June 5, 1966
Houston, Texas

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CWO. U.S.N. W. W. II
Originator and Charter Member of the Battleship Texas Commission.
Opened the Nimitz Naval Museum FBG February 24, 1967
Honorary Member, Sons of the Republic of Texas
Full Name: Joseph Beasley Hutchison
Location: Section:Republic Hill, Section 1 (C1)
Row:G  Number:9
Reason for Eligibility: Member, Battleship of Texas Commission 
Birth Date: September 15, 1893 
Died: October 27, 1983 
Burial Date: October 31, 1983 

HUTCHISON, JOSEPH (1893~1983) Joseph B. Hutchison was born in Liberty Hill, Texas on September 15, 1893. He was educated in Tyler public schools and earned a B.S.C.E. from the University of Houston. Mr. Hutchison worked for the Office of Treasurer and Paymaster of the Cotton Belt Railroad (now Southern Pacific). He then moved to an architectural firm in Houston charged with building the Magnolia Brewery and the West Office Building. Following some slow times in the architectural field, Mr. Hutchison worked for the Fuel Bureau organization on the Southern Pacific. At age twenty he was appointed Superintendent of the Fuel Bureau for lines in Texas and Louisiana to promote fuel efficiency. In 1915, was appointed Fuel Agent with the Texas and Pacific Railroad to organize the fuel department. Following World War I, Mr. Hutchison worked for a short time in Michigan, then went to work in Chicago with the Pennsylvania Railroad. During his time with the Pennsylvania Railroad, he was a member of many railroad associations. Mr. Hutchison was appointed Special Representative of the General Superintendent, Northwest Region, and he was to clean up congestion and make other improvements to the Pennsylvania Railroad. In 1927, he retired from the rail industry to work in architecture. At age 48, Mr. Hutchison joined the Navy and went on inactive duty June 19, 1946. Following World War II, he worked on removing the Battleship Texas to the Texas for display. Governor Jester started the Battleship Texas Commission and Mr. Hutchison was Charter Member. Mr. Hutchison died on October 27, 1983 in Tyler, Texas.


#8795) Served on the commission in 1947, 1949, 1955, 1963, 1968, and 1973. Extensive information in file.
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