Philip O'Bryan Montgomery

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Full Name: Philip O'Bryan Montgomery
Location: Section:Statesman's Meadow, Section 1 (E)
Row:H  Number:18
Reason for Eligibility: Member, Texas Turnpike Authority; Member, Texas Parks and Wildlife 
Birth Date: April 21, 1954 
Died: October 9, 2013 
Burial Date: November 9, 2013 

MONTGOMERY, III, PHILIP O'BRYAN (1954 ~ 2013). The following is an obituary for Philip O'Bryan Montgomery, member of the Texas Turnpike Authority and member of the Texas Parks and Wildlife. The obituary was published in the Dallas Morning News.

Philip O'Bryan Montgomery, III, dedicated and beloved husband, father, son, brother, community leader, businessman and friend to countless, passed away October 9, 2013, at home, cared for by those he held dearest and treasured most: his wife, Carol, and their daughters Ann, Jane and Maureen.

Phil was born on April 21, 1954 in Dallas, Texas to Dr. Philip O'Bryan Montgomery, Jr. and Ruth Ann Montgomery. He was the first of four brothers. Always earnest, true, and good, Phil Montgomery carried the mantle of leadership lightly and modestly throughout his life. He graduated from Stanford University with a BA in History in 1977. At Stanford, his exuberance, intellect and wit attracted both student and faculty friends who remained close all his life. Phil developed his lifetime love of intellectual pursuits at Stanford, but took time to lead the band "Loose in the Saddle," later recording 3 CDs with the band, the last being in August, 2013, before his illness took his guitar from him. His studies at Stanford's campus in Florence ignited a lifetime weakness for Italian wine, food, and culture.

Phil received his MBA from University of Chicago Business School in 1979. Returning to his native and beloved Texas, Phil formed a commercial real estate company, proudly reviving the name of his grandfather's business, P.O'B. Montgomery & Co. During the succeeding 30 years, the company bought, sold, and developed raw land and retail shopping centers throughout the Western U.S. Phil's enthusiasm and drive attracted colleagues and partners who shared his passion for building.

At home in Dallas, Phil began a career of volunteer public service unsurpassed in its depth and breadth. His accomplishments are legion, but include: leading the Dallas Symphony Hall Bond Election Campaign (1982); Chair of the DART enabling campaign (1983); serving on the Dallas Chamber of Commerce; assisting the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in acquiring land for its North Campus; Co-Founding the Dallas Committee on Foreign Relations (1988); serving on the Board of Directors of the Texas Turnpike Authority; leading the effort to create the North Texas Turnpike Authority (1989-96); serving on the Board of the Texas Communities Foundation, which led to the founding of Peak Preparatory and the creation of the North Texas High School Project (1994-2007); Chairman of the Steering and Advisory Committees for the Texas High School Project (2003-2011), a $330 million effort to improve education in Texas; Commissioner of Texas Parks & Wildlife (2001-2007) where he acquired the nickname Commissioner "Catfish" Montgomery for his passionate pursuit of increased opportunities for hunters & fishermen throughout the state; member of Boards of St. Mark's, Hockaday, and Preston Hollow Presbyterian Schools; and Chairman of the Board of Uplift Education, a charter school system now operating 28 campuses, and serving 10,000 students.

His modesty was such that his accomplishments will never be fully known; he selflessly gave credit to others, never seeking it for himself. Phil was a true patriot, devoted to his country, state and city. Phil was outspoken in his loyalty for democracy. He channeled this passion in many state committees, as well as in Republican Party fundraising efforts. He cherished his weekly Saturday "Lunch Bunch", where public policy on all levels was analyzed and debated. Phil maintained a deep and private faith that he lived out through his commitment to service.

Phil was the quintessential Renaissance Man. His love of learning was both public and profoundly personal: Phil's house hosted readings of Shakespeare's plays, and on subjects historical and literary, Phil always had a book to lend to any friend. His love of music led to regular hosting of musicians for sing alongs. His interest in the environment led him to PERC as well as serving as a Commissioner of Texas Parks & Wildlife. He combined his photographic skills with his love of Texas in a book on the Germans of Gillespie County, a place he spent many days with close friends and family.

Through all, the deepest wellsprings of joy in Phil's life were his wife and three daughters. His praise for them was unceasing, his pride in them unwavering, and his love for them unbounded. If asked, Phil would say, and did say, that Carol was his pillar of support. Never was it more true, that great love abided in them, both in sickness and in health. Ann, Jane and Maureen made him a proud father every day, whether he supported them through hardships or reveled in their successes. Though great in others' eyes, his worldly accomplishments were little to him compared to the love he gave, stored and received from these, the four points of the compass guiding his life.

Philip O'Bryan Montgomery III is survived by his wife Carol Chrisman Montgomery and daughters Ann Cox Montgomery, Jane Chrisman Montgomery and Maureen O'Bryan Montgomery; his mother, Ruth Ann Montgomery; Mother in Law, June Chrisman; Brother Carter Montgomery and wife Missy and nephews John and Peter; brother Will Montgomery, and wife Mary Blake, nephews Blake and Stuart and niece Daly; brother Harold Montgomery and wife Kaysie, niece Molly and nephew Philip; Brother-in-law Jack Chrisman and wife Judy and niece Katie.

Friends and relatives without number, all dear, also survive and perpetuate his memories. Memorials may be made to: Uplift Education UT Southwestern Medical Center, P O Box 910888, Dallas, Texas 75391-0888 or online at to support brain cancer research under Dr. Robert Bachoo. Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation Service at Church of Incarnation, 3966 McKinney Ave., Dallas, TX 75204 Saturday, October 12, 2013 at 11:00 a.m., Reception following at Church.

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