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New Light Pole

For the first time in 161 years, the Texas State Cemetery will have constant evening illumination after a steel light pole was installed at the center of Cemetery grounds Wednesday. In addition to a source of illumination, the light pole has a security camera mounted inside the metal housing.

The Texas State Cemetery wishes to thank Jason Walker, Cemetery staff; Kirk Kuykendall, Texas Facilities Commission; John Penney II Electrical, Inc. and HSP Security for their hard work. The light pole is about 15 feet tall and was placed in the center of the Cemetery to provide maximum illumination to as wide an area as possible.

HSP Security mounted a 360 degree, multi-pixel digital camera with night vision capabilities. The camera is hooked up to a secure server via a wireless signal in order to disturb as little ground as possible. The pole is the first step on a multi-step plan to increase security and visibility at the State Cemetery.

Cemetery staff wishes to acknowledge the Texas State Cemetery Committee for their input and the Texas Legislature for funding.

With the completion of the Caretakers Cottage renovation and now the installation of the new light pole, the security of the Cemetery is better than ever.

Friday’s blog will be about the first efforts to light the City of Austin, way back in the 1800’s. It is a fascinating story involving a serial killer, the Austin Moontowers, the author O. Henry and very possibly Jack the Ripper.






 - Will Erwin