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Texas Capitol Vietnam Veterans Memorial Dedication

The Texas State Cemetery would like to congratulate the Texas Capitol Vietnam Veterans Monument Committee for a successful dedication and a beautiful new monument on the Texas Capitol grounds. As the Cemetery is home to a Vietnam monument of its own and has always had an interest in honoring veterans, a representative was sent to observe the proceedings this past Saturday. Below are a few images of the monument and some of the dignitaries on hand for the dedication. The Cemetery encourages all Texans to go and have a look at a true masterpiece of sculpture dedicated to the thousands of brave Texans who went and served their country in Vietnam.



Governor Perry accepted the monument on behalf of all Texans.


Executive Committee Chair Robert Floyd (from right to left), Committee Members Pat Nugent and Alan Erwin of the Texas Capitol Vietnam Veterans Monument Committee. Not pictured are John Miterko, Terry B. Burkett, Phil Price, Kerry Orr, Don Dorsey, Kinnan Goleman, Richard McBride and Michael Wright.


Vietnam veteran Senator Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa, who co-authored the bill authorizing the placement of the monument along with State Representative Wayne Smith, spoke at the dedication.




State Representative Wayne Smith, co-author of the bill placing the monument on Capitol grounds and Vietnam veteran, spoke about his experiences after the war.