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Hightower Service Wednesday (08/07/2013)

The Cemetery lost a good friend over the weekend when former Texas Supreme Court Justice Jack Hightower died.  The State of Texas lost a true public servant.  He was a great friend to the Cemetery and was always generous with his assistance and advice.  On many occasions, we were lucky enough to drive around in golf carts with Judge Hightower, every time it was a history lesson.  Judge Hightower would see a grave of an old friend or colleague and he would rattle off a story about that individual and the story always had to do with some significant event in Texas history.  As historians, it was a tremendous learning opportunity to listen to historical events from a first-hand perspective.  We are grateful we were able to get to know Judge Hightower and appreciate his knowledge and passion for history.

- Jason Walker

Burial Services will be at 10 a.m. on Wednesday with a recception to follow.  

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