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Larry L. King Tributes

Larry L. King, noted Texas author and journalist, died Thursday and will be buried at the Texas State Cemetery at a future date. He will be buried near his fellow writer "Bud" Shrake. To remember this Texas great, see the links below.  

Larry L. King tribute by Dallas Morning News author Robert Wilonsky below:

"In the October 13, 1968, edition of The Dallas Morning News, then-book critic Lon Tinkle reviewed a collection of essays titled … And Other Dirty Stories, and wrote that its author, a Texas Tech graduate-turned-journalist-turned-Congressional aide named Larry L. King, was a 'social necessity.' He compared King to Honoré de Balzac, to H. L. Mencken — the greats..."

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Larry L. King obituary by Washington Post author Matt Schudel below:

"Before he became known the world over as a playwright, Larry L. King was a reporter, a Capitol Hill aide, a raconteur, a brawler and a full-time Texan. He helped define the freewheeling New Journalism of the 1960s and 1970s..."

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