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Caretakers Cottage Renovation - Before and After

The Caretakers Cottage has been a fixture on the Texas State Cemetery grounds for more than a hundred years. During that time, the person living at the house made sure that State Cemtery gates were open 365 days a year. Christmas, Easter, rain, snow or ice, the caretaker made sure the State Cemetery was open for visitors. However, the years haven't been kind to the cottage. Last year, after an inspection of the house, it was found that the foundation was not level, the floor wasn't even, the electric wiring needed work, the appliances needed updating and at some point in the years past, a fire had broken out behind the walls. The lathing behind the sheet rock was scorched and it seemed a miracle the house hadn't burned to the ground.

With the help of the Legislature, the cottage is now fully restored and ready for a new caretaker to move in and live on the grounds full time. The Texas State Cemetery Committee wishes to thank the Legislature for the funds to restore the cottage in addition to all the men and women who worked so hard getting the cottage ready for the next hundred years. The Committee specifically wishes to thank the following people for their hard work, Jaime Palomo of Casa Bella Architects, Chip Rhea of Leveland Homes, Chris McCulloch of Spaw Glass, Les Raburn of Spaw Glass, Joshua Simpson from the Texas Facilities Commission and Paulinda Mackie also TFC. The images below are from just before the renovation and the final product.




















Front Door




















Front Door Restored




















Front Hallway Fire Damage














Front Hallway Restored














Living Room Restored














Living Room Before















Kitchen Before














Kitchen After





















View from from the Front Door to the Back of the House and Bathroom





















Same View, After the Renovation














Front Room, Before















In addition to the cosmetic work, significant work was done to the plumbing, wiring, kitchen fixtures and security. A full security system with cameras was installed.

- Will Erwin