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Redesign of the Texas State Cemetery Web site

As a part of the redesign of the Texas State Cemetery Web site, we have decided to include a blog to keep the public updated on funerals, events and other goings on at the Cemetery. It was a struggle at first as to whether the Cemetery needed or should have a blog, but it seems the most convenient way of getting word out to the public about events and such and so here is the first entry. In addition to announcements, this blog is going to serve a value to the historians on staff. There are two researchers at the Texas State Cemetery (Jason Walker and Will Erwin) whose job it is to curate records and make sure the Cemetery’s past is not forgotten. The primary job of the Cemetery staff is of course to make sure it is a showplace for visiting Texans and a fit place of respect for those people buried here. However, the history of the place and the stories of the men and women buried here should not be forgotten. So in addition to being an announcements page, the blog will serve as a platform for either myself or Jason Walker to present interesting historical articles on people who are buried here. These articles will not just be about the famous men and women buried here like Stephen F. Austin or Barbara Jordan or John Connally, but they will be about the lesser known but just as interesting people. Keep an eye out for new entries. We will shoot for one a week, but there may be more. Please enjoy the new site and e-mail us at if you have any questions or concerns. We'd also like to give a big 'thank you' to Patrick Barry at the Texas Facilities Commission for all his hard work and deligence on getting the new site up and on its feet.

- WE